2007 – Fulldome Adaptation

“Queen Heaven” is a very popular music project
originally produced by the Munich planetarium
in collaboration with Queen Guitarist Brian May
in the late nineties. The sixtie minute long show
was adapted from its slide and video projection
based format into fulldome in 2007.
About half of the conversion was realized by the
company Intermedia Klagenfurth.


While overall “Queen Heaven” was adapted
faithfully to the original, many parts were
extensively reworked and newly produced as
elaborate fulldome animations.

“Queen Heaven” is still running in numerous
planetariums and ranks among the most
successful planetarium shows of the last decade.



Queen Heaven
Adapted for Fulldome by Intermedia Klagenfurth & Tobias Wiethoff
©2008 Sternevent GmbH

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