2004 – Original Planetariumpiece and Exhibit

“Wuestenzauber” is a Live- Planetariumpiece that originated as a study
project at the Arizona State University Planetarium in 2004.
It centers around a fictional story of an eventful journey through the
former German colony of “Deutsch-Südwest Afrika”, todays Republic of
Namibia. “Wuestenzauber” was created for and performed at the ASU
Planetarium with classical planetarium media technologies like slide
based allskys and video projections.


The conceptual development of this show went along
with the creation of an original production design.
It partly was cast in lead or crafted in various
mixed materials.

The project was made possible through the support
of the former director of the ASU Planetarium
Daniel Matlaga and my friend Liz Reif.

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