NEBULAE – Live at the Planetarium

2016 – Immersive Live Visuals

The Nebulae live session took place in February 2016 at the Zeiss
Planetarium in Bochum, Germany and presented performances by
Ultimae artists accompanied with specially created dome projections.
Martin Nonstatic opened his live performance with “Into the Nebulae”
a brand new work to introduce a spaced out exploration of his Granite

The Liveevent resulted in an album:

“Nebulae Live at the Planetarium” (Album on Bandcamp)


“NEBULAE – Live at the Planetarium”

Written, produced and performed live by Martin Van Rossum
Audio mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio
inre086 – (C) & (P) 2016 Ultimae
Immersive Visuals / Album Cover: Tobias Wiethoff
©2016 Tobias Wietoff

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