LICHTMOND – Universe of Light

2013 – Fulldome Adaptation

“LICHTMOND – Universe of Light” is a 46 minute animated fulldome music
show based on the DVD’s and BluRays of the same Name by Martin und Giorgio
Koppehele. The task in this project was to rework the 2D settings created
by “ImagoD” into the Fulldome Format.
The video above can give some idea of the process with the left image
beeing the 2D Sets rendered with a fisheye camera and the right side
beeing reworked for full spherical rendering.

“LICHTMOND – Universe of Light” is running in a number of dome theatres
throughout the world.

Lichtmond at Planetarium Hamburg

Lichtmond Trailer


LICHTMOND – Universe of Light
© 2013 Planetarium Hamburg, Hamburg (Germany) /
blu phase media GmbH, Munich (Germany)

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