“Electric Moon – Live at the Planetarium”

2015/2016 Immersive Live Visuals

Electric Moon are among the leading bands in contemporary European
psychedelic music. They are frequent guests at psychedelic festivals
and have performed twice to sold out domes at the Bochum Planetarium
with further concerts in planning.

Electric Moon very much continues a tradition established by pioneers
of the genre like “Pink Floyd” during the late seventies. Friends of
Psychedelic and Krautmusic are in for a treat when the band renown
for their live performances lights up the artificial night of the
planetarium. As part of the Electric Moon concert series I
produced a ten minute sequence of psychedelic dome visuals.

The 2015 concert also resulted in a live recording:

“Electric Moon at Planetarium Bochum – Live Recording” (Bandcamp)

“Electric Moon Webpage

Electric Moon – Live at the Planetarium
© Electric Moon / Sulatron Records
Dome Visuals: Tobias Wiethoff © Tobias Wiethoff

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